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Event 2023

"One Vision, One Event, One Million Backlinks

An international event for every entrepreneur.

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What are backlinks?

Imagine the internet is like a giant treasure hunt. All over the internet there are many little places called "websites". These websites have information, stories, pictures and much more. Sometimes the people who created these websites would like other people to visit their websites. A backlink is like a magic bridge or path that leads from one website to another. When you click on a backlink, you go from one website to another.

Backlinks also ensure a better ranking in the search results on Google & Co!

  We all know that when a company is on page 2 of Google, nobody is looking and clicking. Backlinks are just the right thing! This inexpensive but effective solution for a better visibility of your company in the digital world.
Google & Co think backlinks are great, the more backlinks a website has, the more relevant Google & Co sees your website and rewards it with better rankings in the search results. I got my knowledge about search engine optimization from more than 60 books and each time I came to the conclusion that backlinks are the easier way to generate more reach and visibility.

How much does a backlink cost at ?

only 1€ 


As soon as I have all 1 million backlinks, I will raffle 1 x €100,000 among all backlinks

donation project

I'm doing this purely privately, because I'm pursuing a goal, which is the record of 1 million backlinks. Therefore, they are to be considered donations and not a purchase. The donations go to the maintenance of the website and €0.30 per link to my donation project "more water wells in Africa".

But remember! It is a donation project for the people of Africa. You donate with it in remote villages in Africa, water wells can be built.

There will be a lot of press! The planned event to break the world record for the most backlinks for a website offers the prospect of even more press and media attention.

So don't wait any longer, spread the word and join Onemillion Backlinks!

Thank you...

Kevin Krueger

Step 1: Easily transfer the donation via my Paypal link.

1€ per link and write the link name and an e-mail for the notification!

Thank you for your donation!

Step 2: If you have a company logo, then write me a short e-mail.


EXCELLENT! Congratulations on your personal backlink!

From now on you can sit back, because from here I will continue for you. Within 24 hours your backlink is online.

Press coverage of my website is received with great interest and enthusiasm!

An upcoming significant event is about to take place that will gain tremendous media coverage. Media from all over the world will cover it and the website will be visited by people worldwide who will be curious to learn more and click on the various links. This increased attention will lead to an increase in traffic to your store and greater popularity of your business or social media account.

what are backlinks?

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) as they can help increase traffic to a website and improve its visibility in search results.

"Even Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller emphasized that backlinks are especially important for Google (and the ranking!)"

Further information about the donation project can be found here:



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