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Welcome to Onemillion Backlinks!

Do you have a lot of sympathy for someone or something and would like to take action to show your enthusiasm, e.g

Company, brand or café
Social media account (influencer)
Local businesses
Artists or musicians
Author or blogger
Non-profit organizations
Craftsmen or craft businesses
Restaurant or restaurant chain
Sports team or athlete
Online store or e-commerce website
Podcaster or YouTuber
Fashion designer or fashion label
Technology startup
Travel blogger or travel company

well, is there anything in it? “YES” That’s great!

You can post the respective link by placing a backlink for €1.

Once I receive your donation, I will post the suggested link on my site within 24 hours. Each backlink receives a unique serial number, which is also your winning number for the planned raffle!

My goal is to collect 1 million backlinks. Once this goal is reached, I will hold a one-time raffle of €100,000 (or equivalent in US dollars). The winning number will be chosen at random using a random number generator and will be announced here on the website, in my newsletter, on Twitter and Instagram.

 You must be at least 18 years old!

There will be a lot of press! The planned event to break the world record for the most backlinks on a website holds the prospect of attracting even more press and media attention.

So don't wait any longer, spread the word and join in. At Onemillion Backlinks!

Thank you...

Kevin Kruger

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Step 1: Easily transfer the donation via my Paypal link.

1€ per link and write the link name.

Thank you for your donation!

Step 2: If you have a company logo, then write me a short e-mail.


EXCELLENT! Congratulations on your personal backlink!

From now on you can sit back, because from here I will continue for you. Within 24 hours your backlink is online.


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Press coverage of my website is received with great interest and enthusiasm!

An upcoming significant event is about to take place that will gain tremendous media coverage. Media from all over the world will cover it and the website will be visited by people worldwide who will be curious to learn more and click on the various links. This increased attention will lead to an increase in traffic to your store and greater popularity of your business or social media account.

what are backlinks?

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) as they can help increase traffic to a website and improve its visibility in search results.

"Even Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller emphasized that backlinks are especially important for Google (and the ranking!)"


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